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Flash: Good for me, good for you!

EDU 625 is coming to a close.  My fellow colleagues and I have seen hundreds of lines of code and have been through at least 10 different redos of our Flash projects.  But we have come out of the other … Continue reading

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“Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.” Aristotle My name is Robert Jones. I am the current Earth and Space Science Teacher at Chaminade Middle School in Chatsworth, CA and this is my eleventh year teaching. I was initially … Continue reading

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Asteroid vs. Meteor vs. Meteorite

There are many things floating out there in our solar system other than our sun, planets, and their moons. But there is usually a lot of confusion of what really to call these things. According to Discovery Education, an asteroid … Continue reading

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Make Your Presentations Informational (And Visually Appealing)

Being born in the 80’s, I have experienced many different teaching styles throughout my educational career.  Elementary school showcased the old-school way of education, with my teachers writing notes up on the chalkboard or whiteboard.  High school brought with it … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Wiki

As an educational system, we are experiencing a dramatic shift in how technology is utilized by our students. Nearly one hundred percent of our student population will utilize the Internet for informational research and to answer questions that they normally … Continue reading

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